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edit your

So here we have the basic empty profile. This is the bare minimum for what can be displayed on the Eclipse profile. The only required box is the "About" with very minimal info required.

It looks so much bigger on my screen! >:(
I hate how big everything is!

I have set Chrome to display at 67% zoom.
Find a zoom level you like. 


The profile navigation gives us quick access to the important areas of our accounts. 

Pretty self-explanitory for the most part.

Notable ones are "Posts" and "Shop"


All of your posts are here with links to show only Journals, Status updates, Polls, and Drafts (visible only to you)


This is where your commission widget was moved to!

Shop page is divided by Commissions, Prints, and Downloads. 


Cover Photo

This is the first, the biggest and the brightest thing your visitors will see. It works just like the cover photos you see on Facebook and Youtube. You can do so many creative things with an engaging cover photo. This is the biggest space you have to decorate your profile. A lot of my art tends to be in squares, so the top and bottom will get cut off if you’re like me and make a lot of perfect square canvases. Obviously you can create a specific cover photo art with the proper aspect ratio and eliminate that problem. 

Click here to add 

Dimensions for cover photo: 1600 x 800 px

It is very important that if you want to include any text or vital info in your cover photo that you place it at least halfway down the image. 

When someone first lands on your page they will need to scroll up to see your whole cover photo and they might not always do that! 

You want any text in your cover to be vertically centered so it is visible.

So, judging by this, the image I chose isn't exactly ideal. xD

Text should go here.

Text down here will NOT be visible! This part fades into your widgets. 

Of course there's nothing stopping you from putting text up here,
but it might not be seen right away, or if the text overlaps into the visible 
zone it will be partially cut off until your viewer scrolls up.

This space is for your avatar, name, and stats. Note that it is longer than the default 
view of the stats because they extend when you click on them. 

Carousel Gallery

This is the next big thing your visitors will see! 

On the right you'll see an "edit" button where you can customize the carousel in several different ways. 

Featured Gallery will display deviations in your "Featured" folder. 
Latest Deviations shows whatever is most recent. 

Prints will show off any work you have available for sale as a print. 

Gallery Folder allows you to choose any of your deviation folders to display. 
And Collection will display any one of the folders in your favorites. 

You can even set a custom title for this section that can say anything you want!


Left side - Art & Watch

The left side of your profile are mostly your art and watch widgets. This hasn't changed from the Classic site, your art widgets have always only been on this side. 

Grid Gallery - Display a gallery of your artwork

Spotlight - Feature one particular work

Groups - The groups you are a member of
Group Admin - The groups you manage

Watchers - The people watching you

Watching - The people (and groups) you watch

Grid Gallery

The Grid Gallery can be used to display any folder in your gallery, your most recent deviations, or any folder of your favorites. 

You can customize the name of this section as well as if it's displayed as a grid or slideshow. 



The Spotlight lets you feature any single deviation you want. It can be anything from your gallery or collections. 

You can use this to make a fake custom box!

With an approx 1100 x 800 canvas (or equivalent aspect ratio) just design your box however you like in your art program of choice, or commission someone to make it for you, then toss it in your Scraps folder and spotlight it with this widget. 


Watch & Groups

These 4 widgets let you display the Groups you admin, the groups you're a member of, your watchers, and the people and groups you watch.*

*Yes the groups you are a member of are also the groups you "watch". Yes they're both displayed together. No I don't know why. Yes it's always been that way. Yes it's annoying. 


Right side - Personal

The right side of your profile contains all your personal widgets. This is also the same as it was before. 

Posts - Displays your journals, statuses, and polls.

Donation Pool - Beg for fake internet points.

Custom - Custom box you can decorate how you like! 



This widget will display your 3 most recent posts. This includes Journals, group blogs, status updates, and polls. 

I wish there were a few more customization options for this widget. However you can pin posts to the top of it. So if you have a comm price journal it won't get buried. 


Donation Pool

This is pretty much the same as the old Donation Widget. You set a goal for the amount you want, name it, write a short description, maybe explain what you're saving up for, and people can donate points to you if they are feeling generous. 

This is what it will look like once you've added it. 

Except, y'know, with whatever text you wrote. 



The comments widget is the last widget on the right side. It doesn't allow anything to be placed below it, because it will stretch downward and nobody wants to have to scroll through all 10,000 comments on your page to see your donation widget. (I don't know if it will actually display that many)

Comments can now be deleted!!!

And the widget can also be removed entirely!

Commenting itself is still the same. Ordered from oldest at the bottom to most recent at the top. 



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