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So the first thing you'll notice about Eclipse is that the navigation is different. This can be very frustrating for people when they can't find the features and pages they're used to. 

The top navigation consists of:

Home | Watch | Shop | Groups | Forum

The latter 3 are nested under "more" but there's plenty of room for them. Maybe DA knows you're probably never gonna use those buttons anyway.


Now with

No porn!

The Home page gives you options to see deviations by popularity, topic, Daily Deviations and deviations from people you watch!

(I don't watch many people so that's why you see 5 things from the same person here.)


The "Watch" tab is where all the stuff moved that used to go to your notifications, but isn't directly interacting with you. 

When you click on it the default view is "Deviations" which can cause some confusion over seemingly "missing" notifications where you can see something in Classic but not Eclipse.

Click "All" to find those "missing" notifications!


This page was formerly called "Prints" and it

has not been optimized for Eclipse yet. 

So it's exactly the same as before. 


Another page that's just the same as before, and still just as useless as its always been.


The Forum is also just the same as its always been. 

Do people even use the forum? Let me know!


User Menu

Hovering over your avatar brings up this handy menu!

Clicking your username takes you to your profile

Pulls up a dialog of all your groups.

Goes to your Stash.

Portfolio is still in beta and seems to be broken.

Your point balance. (now much easier to find)

Earnings page. (same as before)

Your list of past orders/point transactions.

Here you can change the site theme.

Account settings page.

Mature content preference.



Hovering the "Submit" button opens this drop-down where you select what you'd like to submit.


Deviation, Status, Journal, Literature, Poll, or Muro. 

For more info on specific submissions see the Submissions page.

(Coming soon!) 

Green theme here!


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