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Submitting Journals

It's time for everyone's favorite; Journals.

The new journals system is a bit different than Writer (RIP) but from what I understand it's not completely done so there may be lots of improvements to it in our future. 

To start of, smash that Submit button and meet me in the world of journals!

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I don't know what this second box is for.
Pretty sure it's just decoration, it explains a bit what each button is so I guess that's fine. 

Journal Basics


Especially if you're coming from The Darkness like me. 

If you have SpEcIaL eYeS like I do, you'll want to purge the internet of all large white expanses. I use a Chrome extension called Dark Reader for just that! (but if you turn on Dark Reader for the journal page make sure the rest of the site is in Light Mode so it gets swapped back to Dark Mode by the extension.)

It even has a CSS editor so you can customize your own experience. 

The options are grayed out until you start typing but here are the buttons we have: 

  • Feature post - This makes the new journal your pinned post on your profile.
    (I assume) Overwriting your previously pinned journal. 

  • Save as draft - Saves it but doesn't post it, accessible through

  • Switch to Status Update - Does this actually warrant a whole ass journal? No? Just make it a status instead. Status updates have the reverse button that brings you here. 

  • Submit - Self-explanatory (I hope)

There's also a big ol' space to write the title of your journal and a button to upload a cover image! Cover images work the same way as the ones on your profile. 

Text Formatting

The best method for typing and formatting your text is to type all the text first and then go back and format it how you need it. All you do is highlight the text you want and click the corresponding option. 

Supported formatting:



Numbered list

Bulleted list



Pretty straightforward.

Please note that I have encountered a glitch with numbered lists, if they are longer than 9 items long the items in the double-digits may get cut off for some viewers. 

So 10 will appear as 0, 11 as 1, etc. 

This is a bug. If it really bothers you then you can either type the numbers yourself or use a bulleted list. 


You can't get rid of the quote marks unless you add a hyperlink.



As you can see, the editor has a slightly different view than the actual journal. Your quoted text will be a bit further indented than it looks in the editor. I personally like the green line the quotes give you, but you have to kinda choose between weird "quote marks" or ugly underlines if you want to use this for anything not actually a quote. Making linked headers with the block quotes is a good way to make sure no one misses your important links!

That's it for the built-in formatting. Personally I'd like to see more. Things like text alignment (which is already available in custom boxes), strikeout text, superscript, subscript, or even the return of HTML support. 

Journals will probably not get text color, and here's why:
The site has different themes and the text colors auto-adjust depending on the theme you're using. If you let users override this they're gonna shoot themselves in the foot because they'll design their journal for the site theme they use and anyone using a different theme won't be able to read it properly. I already see this in some older journals that are showing up in my Dark Theme with white backgrounds... but my Dark theme makes some of their text white. So I have to highlight certain journals to read hidden text. 

Stay tuned for expanded journal formatting tricks!
(Hint: Make an image for headers and footers/decorations)


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