How to


run your

Group Home

I highly recommend putting the Group Admin widget right at the top of your profile. This makes getting to your Group's homepage very easy. 

If you don't want them on your profile you can always bookmark the page or type[GROUPNAME] to get there.

Once you get there, the Group page functions just like it always has.

This page is not implemented into Eclipse yet. 

Group Notifications

Click this arrow here on your Notification page to switch between the groups you admin.

Accepting & Rejecting


There's no way to leave a comment so they know why their submission was rejected!

Oh! But there is!

If you click View Log right here it takes you to a Classic page where you can leave your comment, have a private discussion, and it still has the accept/reject buttons there as well.


Blog Posts

If you click "Submit a Journal" from your Group's Homepage you come to the journal submission page. It will say Submit Journal to [GROUP-NAME] at the top. This means you are submitting a group blog and not a personal journal.

Group blogs will be visible under the "Posts" Section of your profile, but your watchers will not be notified. 

You can add a cover photo for your journal with the button on the right. 

If you highlight your text you have formatting options available.

For now, text alignment is not one of them, I'm sorry. u.u

Clicking the + on the left will open a menu that lets you embed an image, gallery, video, emoji, or .GIF



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