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The new Notification bell contains any notifications from people directly interacting with you or your artwork. 

Things like favorites, @Mentions, Comments, Replies, etc.

Hovering over the bell brings up this Quick-view of your most recent notifs.

You can either click the bell or the "see all" at the bottom of this box to go to the full Notification page. 

Notifications are set to "Live" by default.

Live means that your notification count will update in real-time without needing to refresh the page. 

Clicking the drop-down opens up a menu where you can toggle this feature on and off. 

You can also select which things you want to be notified about. 

If you want to disable Badge notifications it's still on the Account Settings page under 

General > Misc.

Clicking any of these will filter your notifications to any single type.

Only looking for comments? Click comments.

Need to know who's mentioning you? Click mentions. 

You also have the option to view your notifications in "Simple" or "Advanced" mode, which is just a fancy way of saying "Separated into categories or not."

Simple - All notifications in one clump.

Advanced - Notifications separated by category. 
(The same categories listed at the top)

Advanced mode also stacks multiple notifs by the same user or group. 

In the upper right you'll see these buttons. 

Feed - Shows you all your new notifications. 

Once you view them here the count at the top

will reset, regardless of whether you delete them or not. 

Saved - Shows you any old notifications you moved to your "Saved in Eclipse" folder on the old site as well as any you've saved in Eclipse. 

Removed - any notifications you've removed. These will remain accessible for 30 days, after which they are deleted permanently.

You cannot restore them back to your feed or saved, however. 

Two ways to save!

The first way to save a notification is to simply click the filing box icon. 

Here's a picture of a filing box for the Gen Z's that have never had to file anything before. 

The second way, and if you want to save multiple notifications at once, is to select them with the check mark on the left, then click save at the top. (You can also remove them in this way.)

To feature a comment

First click on the timestamp. This takes you to the direct link for that comment.

Then you can feature the comment here. 

Hopefully you won't have to use any of the other buttons that are here. 

Additionally, click the heart icon to like the comment.

They will get a notification of this. 


Group Notifications

Click this arrow here on your Notification page to switch between the groups you admin.

Other than that the group notifications behave just like the ones above. If you have submissions that need to be accepted/rejected the buttons for that will be on the right. Screenshots when I am able. 

Accepting & Rejecting


There's no way to leave a comment so they know why their submission was rejected!

Oh! But there is!

If you click View Log right here it takes you to a Classic page where you can leave your comment, have a private discussion, and it still has the accept/reject buttons there as well.


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