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Even for those of us that like Eclipse, there are definitely improvements to be made. I won't sit here and pretend like Eclipse is perfect, hell, it's not even finished.

That's what this page is for. Here I will document everything I don't like about Eclipse and how I think each thing can be improved upon. 

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Journal Formatting

Formatting Options:

  • Bold

  • Italic

  • Underline

  • Hyperlink

  • Text size (3 options)

  • Numbered list

  • Bulleted list

  • Quote 

The journal formatting is pretty minimal to say the least, without even text alignment as an option!


The custom profile boxes have text alignment AND color as options, and journals don't, which is really peculiar to me. 

You can even easily change the background on custom boxes, which I think could also be a useful journal function as well!

And while we're here, there's only 3 options for text size...

like... but why tho...

More formatting for journals 2k20!!!

Options I'd like to see:

  • Text alignment

  • Strikeout

  • Superscript

  • Subscript

  • Text color

  • More sizes

  • Indenting

  • Backgrounds


This padding is


When you add thumbnails to your journals you have two options for the size of them. 

1. All the way across the journal on its own line. 

2. Aligned left or right

(allowing text beside them with padding as pictured.)

I mean... this is fine I guess, but we had it so much better when we could just resize our thumbnails to however big we wanted. 

The padding is also way too wide. We don't need THAT much space between the image and text. I see what you're doing DA, you want to give it a nice gallery matting frame so it's secluded and looks professional and artsy... but this isn't the MET, we're not making a portfolio out of the journals... we're decorating our fanfics with rainbow-tailed dogs here.

Watch page [X]

Why is the X button on the left on the Watch page but the right everywhere else on the site?


Why just this page?


Submitting Journals

This one has ALWAYS been an issue even on the old site. There is no "Journals" option when you're selecting a deviation to submit directly to a group. 

Groups. Accept.

Journals. Too!

The options to submit directly to a group folder are

Your gallery



All of DA

So if you're trying to submit your own journal to a group you have to click "all of DA" and search for your journal's title and HOPE that it comes up. 

Of course you can get around this by going to the journal and clicking "add to group" but if I'm already on the group page why shouldn't I be able to just submit it. There are multiple ways to submit deviations to a group just for the sake of convenience. 

Manage Watch

HO'BOY buckle up for this one, kids. The Manage Watch page is a dumpster fire of useless and annoying to deal with "features".

This page is trash garbage.

Most people probably don't even use this page. It used to be under a couple levels of menu labeled "manage" and was pretty out of the way. Now it's in the top of your Watch page. 

This is a list of everyone you watch.


Groups? People? Yep! All of them. In one list. Indiscriminately jumbled together.

This means that if you add the "watching" widget to your profile..

Let's go down the rows..

Person | Person | Person | Person | Group

Person | Group | Group | Person | Group

Group | Group | Group | Person | Person

I don't need groups in this widget because there's a "Groups" widget already. And this is just the first headache that comes from all the people and groups being lumped together. 

Sorting Watch

I'm going to use myself as an example here because these are the problems I'm most familiar with about the Manage Watch page. 

I make adoptables.
I want to submit those adoptables to adoptable groups. 
But I also join the groups for species I am a member of (or want to be)
And sometimes I watch individual artists. 

I want to keep all those things separate because I need to interact with them in different ways. 

The only way I can separate those categories is to make a Deviant list (bottom right)
Then I have to either type or copy/paste each user/group name into the box on the right, select whichever boxes I need, and "submit" to place that into the Deviant List. 

Cool, now if I want to enable or disable Deviations in just 1 Deviant List I can do that, right?


You can't interact with one whole Deviant List independently of anything else. In fact, the only purpose of the deviant lists is to separate them on this page only. It doesn't do anything meaningful beyond this list on this page. (So, for instance, I can't select an individual Deviant List to display in the "Watching" widget on my profile.

My suggestions:

  • Drag-and-Drop interface!

  • Don't mark new watches as "friends" automatically

  • That thing I just said about the Watching Widget!


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