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With the impending transition to Eclipse full-time a lot of people are concerned about how this will impact their e-lives and some are even considering leaving Deviantart entirely. Change is a scary thing and when it's drastic and not immediately apparent where everything has been moved to, it's really frustrating to have to interrupt your daily habits to figure out how to accomplish your usual tasks. This site is an attempt to remedy that and train you how to use Eclipse to its full potential.

Eclipse is far from perfect, but it's still a work in progress.

Your questions and feedback are invaluable for making not only this site, but Eclipse itself better in the long run.  

This site will be updated regularly as I receive new questions and new areas of the site are adapted to Eclipse.

Special Thanks to HeliacalrisenMachi-Ato and Arvalis for their help making this site possible!

And Moonbeam13 for her generous gifts.

Warning: contains sass

Unrelated Purple Zone of Fun

In between fighting your way through Eclipse why not stop by and watch my friend play Breath of The Wild on a 365-day Stream challenge?



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